Nancy Newton

From the Sea / Artist Statement

Years ago, in the midst of being transported by the music of R. Murray Schafer’s Dream-e-scape beyond the earthly realm, I discovered natural objects on a beach that encapsulated where the sounds were taking me. Visually the shells reflected mini cosmos. I collected a few of these beautiful, unique objects formed by the Mediterranean marine ecosystem. As a meditative exercise, I started to draw them in my sketchbook.

After three exhibitions focusing on the open, free flowing interpretations of music along with the onset of the pandemic, I was ready to focus on one object of particular interest. After more detailed observational drawing, the possibilities of interpretation began with small collage studies including the original sketchbook drawings.

Extending and developing the idea of the object in paperwork and canvas was an interesting adventure into another mysterious realm. The journey revealed the integrated nature of our world and the cosmos where we can zoom in or out and find commonality and connection.

Nancy Newton